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How do we create bespoke acoustic pods that compete in an already saturated market?


How do we bring new value to clients?


Research made it obvious to us that there are opportunities to improve acoustic office pods core function (call making/private meetings) in comfort, while at the same time integrating other functions within this piece of prominent interior architecture.


Acoustic pods are incredibly popular spaces for making calls and having meetings in private, a vast improvement over calling from stairwells or corridors (or worse still, while walking around the office or hovering around other people’s desks). Our acoustic pods have become very popular, however, that staff complain when they can't find an empty one. 

Our acoustic pods are a spacious as possible, with this in mind we developed a concept that, while it encourages quick calls, also offers more space, comfort and functionality for those needing to spend longer, more focused time inside.


This extended bandwidth offers clients a perfectly pitched broader function, in a neat compact package.

For more information or to arrange a site visit, please feel free to contact us.

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